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5 Tips On How To Be Decisive And Take Action

Why do you need to become a modern day warrior and adopt a warrior mindset? Is there anything wrong with just relaxing and enjoying life?

Well, there’s nothing wrong with relaxing, and while everyone needs to relax and lighten up from time to time, there are a few scenarios where this lets us down.

In situations that call for a quick, decisive action, very few of us are forced to make important life and death decisions anymore. Perhaps this is the reason why many people find themselves struggling with making simple decisions. How many times have you found yourself paralyzed when forced to choose what to eat?

We may also find ourselves delaying important decisions in the workplace, which may be a detriment to our careers, and often leading to lost opportunities and money lost. We stay in jobs and relationships that we know we aren’t happy in, and we eventually end up losing the respect of people around us, just because we were unable to make up our minds and take decisive actions.

But taking action isn’t easy. It’s much easier to wind up procrastinating than acting decisively. So, how can we break away from such behavior and develop a behavior that’s more inclined towards taking decisive actions?

Here are some tips on how to be decisive that should help you out.

1. Trust Yourself When Taking Action

Our own self-doubt can often immobilize us when it comes to making decisions. Having the thoughts of how you might not be good enough are the elixir of doubt, and if you are transfixed by doubt, you will be about as useful as a thorn in the foot.

The one thing most of us fail to realize is that we always have the option of assuming that we’ll get things right, rather than envisioning the different ways things will go wrong.

In many cases, it’s only in the doing of something that we can actually recognize our own abilities.

However, we’d never experience this magical realization if we let the distrust of ourselves prevent us from taking a step into the void, a necessary step to discover your own capacity.

2. Trust the Universe

It’s essential to trust in the universe, just as it’s essential to trust yourself. When forced to take decisive actions, we often have to assume that although everything looks a bit dicey, things will work out eventually.

So, even if you’re worried that your pants might fall down and the audience may make fun of you, or that you’ll be disgraced, just trust that you’ll be OK nevertheless, and boldly step onto the stage.

You have to understand that it takes a lot of courage to be decisive and take action. It’s very hard to develop courage if you are always thinking that things will only work out for the worse. Let this conviction go!

Blindly assume that everything will work out fine, and you’ll see that they probably will be. Keep in mind that the worrier isn’t as good at keeping themselves as safe as they might assume.

3. Learn to Love a Challenge

Most people who have accomplished the most in their lives are people who relish a good challenge.

When you relish a challenge, it becomes much easier for you to step up and take action.

And if you’re deliberate about it, you can find that even the most strenuous of challenges are wonderfully and enjoyable. Being perched on a fine edge between utter catastrophe and success is one of the things that gives genuine satisfaction.

The best way of enjoying the experience of being on the edge of failure is reminding yourself that it’s actually good for you. The heightened tension which comes about when we put ourselves to the test is ideally the crucible that tempers us and helps to grow us as a person.

If you don’t embrace the burn, you won’t get big muscles in the gym. Embrace the feeling of being under real pressure; that’s where your growth is located.

4. Break Things into Small Goals

It’s quite easy to get overwhelmed by the prospect of something if we see it as a really big thing that’s difficult to accomplish. But if you look closely, you’ll realize the everything we do is just the product of taking lots of little steps, which are easy to accomplish one at a time.

If you break things up into little steps, you’ll make them much less daunting and much more achievable.

A great way to make things more manageable is to create a short to-do-list.

5. Be Excited!

There’s nothing wrong with getting excited when you’ve made a decisive action. In fact, there’s nothing worse than doing things with a heavy heart. Lighten up and move on. Embrace your decision, and enjoy every bit of it. Forget about other possibilities and instead, pursue your choice like a kid would in a candy store. After all, it’s the path you chose and you have all the reasons to be excited about it and its possibilities.

What’s your best tip on how to be decisive and taking action? We’d like to hear in the comments section below.

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